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Abby + Michael | your clown when you're down {same day film}

same day films, Vermont September 26, 2013

Both Abby and Michael mentioned that the eve of their wedding night and up until the ceremony was about the…

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Emily + Paul | I can’t believe the day is finally here {same day film}

Newport weddings, same day films August 30, 2013

Emma, Jeff and I got to spend last weekend filming Emily + Paul’s wedding, it was pretty amazing. We couldn’t…

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Casey + Amy | my true happiness was found the day I fell in love with you {same day film}

New Hampshire, same day films August 2, 2013

When you are editing for a same day film and you get teary eyed over the ceremony that you literally…

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Margaret + Grayson | so much love that I can’t control my body {same day film}

Boston, Lyman Estate, same day films July 30, 2013

I am not sure I can properly convey the amount of love Jeff and I have for Margaret + Grayson….

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Lauren + Matt | to say 'I love you' is not enough {same day film}

Boston, Four Seasons, same day films July 17, 2013

Matt and Lauren first met about 7 years ago while both working a 16-hour shift in an ambulance. After a…

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